The Valley of the Cheeses is a small tourist trap that was shown in "The Road to Empawerment."

Appearance Edit Edit

The Valley of the Cheeses is shown to look like a small german village, with their main export being cheese, and in the center is a fountain made of cheese which sprays liquid cheese.

Profile Edit Edit

When Niblet, Stuffy, Schleppy, and Axel head to the top of the mountains to meet the Doggy Lama, they came upon the valley. Suddenly they encounter the Doggy Lama (at the time they didn't know who he is) and he warned them about how the valley is a tourist trap and once dogs eat their cheese, they never want to leave. Later When Niblet, Schleppy and Axel went to eat the fountain a fog rolled in and they couldn't found their way out, and could only smell cheese. Luckily Stuffy, who couldn't smell the cheese, helped them by leading back where they started.

Later when Lucky, Cookie, Strudel, and Squirt went to the mountains to get Niblet and the others back to Shelter 17, they were also lured by the smell of the cheeses, but unlike Niblet and the others, they were trapped by the smell and even forgot the reason they came up in the first place, gaining a few pounds from the cheese.

Trivia Edit Edit

  • It is unknown how Lucky and the others got back to Shelter 17 after they were trapped in the village.