Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea is a puppy who appeared in "Doubles Trouble." She and Hairy were adopted by Ruby and Leo. Sweet Pea was voiced by Jessica DiCicco.

Profile EditEdit

Sweet Pea and Hairy were brought to Shelter 17 together, fighting with each other as they were brought in. Sweet Pea explained to Cookie and Strudel that she was sitting on a satin couch outside a furniture store when Hairy, fearing capture by Officer Ketchum, jumped out of a garbage can and hid in the sofa (to her disgust), which failed to keep Ketchum from taking them.

Sweet Pea's perfect person, Ruby, was soon found, and Cookie and Strudel took her to her house. However, Sweet Pea learned that Hairy's perfect person was Ruby's brother, Leo, meaning they would have to live together. The two kept up their feud, which led to their owners fighting each other. As Sweet Pea and Hairy fought, they ended up on a tennis table that rolled down into the sewers. The two were forced to work together to get out, gaining a new respect for each other in the process. When they saw their owners losing a table tennis contest, they went over to them, bouncing a tennis ball between their noses in order to remind them to work together, inspiring them to win the contest.