Freddie is a pitbull puppy that first appeared in "Nightmare on Pound Street". He is voiced by Justin Shenkarow.

Profile Edit Edit

Freddie is a friendly but creepy-looking puppy who could never find a person because of his looks. Bingo from Shelter 55 passed him on to Shelter 17 based on their pup-placing record. Lucky reasoned that on Halloween night, people find "creepy" lovable, so he, Cookie, and Niblet (donning disguises) took him out trick-or-treating. However, they were unsuccessful in finding him a person, as any prospective owner would think he was wearing a costume, then run off upon realising the truth. When Freddie overheard Niblet say that their lack of success was because of his creepy looks, he ran off, devastated. He ended up at the Mayor's house, where he found the mayor's kids Seymour and Tabitha, and bonded with them. The mayor let them keep Freddie, noting that he was "cute ugly."

Freddie later made an appearance in "I Heard the Barks on Christmas Eve."

Trivia Edit Edit

  • Freddie's name is a spoof on the name of Freddy Kreuger, the antagonist of the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series.
  • It is hinted that Freddy might have a crush on Rebound.