(The episode begins in the North Pole where it's very snowy. CJ is about to snowboard down the snowy mountain except for Billy along with his puppy "Yipper" AKA Bob.)

CJ: Yes sir. This snowboard of mine will help me snow board down the mountain according to my calculations.

Billy: I dunno, CJ. It's sounds dangerous. What if... somebody's watching us up here?

CJ: Oh relax. What's the worst that could happened?

Billy: What could happened?

Yipper: ..... (Whimpers)

Billy: My dog would whimper that will happened.

CJ: Why won't come down and join me and will snowboard together.

Billy: Okay. (He joins CJ as they all snowboard down the snowy mountain together. But suddenly, the Snow Ghost Appeared and causes the avalanche on all two boys who are snow boarding down the snowy mountain. The two boys screamed as they snowboard for their lives and Billy accidentally dropped Yipper stranded him all the way down to the bottom of the snowy mountain. Then we go to the theme song of What's new Pound Puppies)

Lyrics #1: What's new pound puppies? we're coming after you you're gonna solve that mystery I see you pound puppies the trail leads back to you what's new pound puppies?

Lyrics #2: What's new pound puppies? we're gonna follow you you're gonna solve that mystery we see you pound puppies we're coming after you what's new pound puppies?

Lyrics #3: Don't look back, you may find another clue The perfect person, will be waiting here for you!

Lyrics #4: What's new pound puppies? we're coming after you you're gonna solve that mystery I see you pound puppies the trail leads back to you what's new pound puppies?

All Lyrics: na na na na na, na na na na na, na na na na na na na, na na na na na, na na na na na What's new pound puppies?!!!

Title: "What's New Pound Puppies"

(Then we cut back to the North Pole for where we were as the car drives by with Agatha McLeish on board along with her son Leonard McLeish and his assistant Olaf. And back there with them is the Pound Puppies; Lucky, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt and Strudel. And the Super Secret Pup Club; Rebound, Cupcake and Patches)

[Note: Lucky, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt, Strudel, Rebound, Cupcake and Patches are wearing winter stuff like scarfs and mittens to keep themselves warm from the snow.]

Leonard McLeish: But Mother, Why are we going to the north pole all of a sudden?

Agatha: It's for your own good, Leonard. I'm glad we're taking your dogs on a permanent vacation in the north pole. (The car stops as Leonard McLeish, Olaf and Agatha got out of the car)

Leonard McLeish: Burr. It's freezing out here!

Olaf: You have to admit, Mr. McLeish. She's right about the whole field trip thing to the snowy mountain.

Leonard McLeish: Yeah. I doubt that. Olaf, let's go find the cabin for us to stay warm here.

Olaf: Aye, sir. (He and Leonard McLeish went to find the cabin to stay in)

Agatha: Now you wait for your mother, Leonard. (Rebound, Cupcake and Patches got out of the car as well) You stay put, Rebound. I'll be back as soon as I find these two boys looking for a cabin. (Rebound barks as Agatha went to follow Leonard McLeish and Olaf all the way to the cabin)

Patches Narrating: Pound Puppies log. We're on top of the snowy mountain place called the North Pole. Some snowy ghost monster is up on top of that place and we're the only pups that can catch them as we are the pound puppies in training. For we are The Super Secret Pup Club. (Rebound is sniffing some dog who just came down and been stranded somewhere)

Patches: What are you looking for, Rebound?

Rebound: I smell a puppy who got stranded somewhere in the snow before the moment we arrived here!

Cupcake: Like the one with some orange puppy fur on it's head?

Rebound: Yes! I knew the puppy's around here somewhere so that we can all play together! And there he is! (She spotted a puppy named Yipper AKA Bob who got stranded without Billy next to him at his side)

Yipper: (Whining)

Patches: (He, Rebound and Cupcake went toward Yipper) Are you okay?

Yipper: (Got up) Huh? Who are you?

Rebound: I'm Rebound! We saw you down the hill got stranded and separated from your perfect person.

Cupcake: Hi. I'm Cupcake. Cookie's sister.

Patches: The name's Patches. I'm the leader of this here team. Maybe we can help each other.

Yipper: (Stands up) And you pups know how to solve mysteries?

Patches: We're not the only team members who solve mysteries. We work for the Pound Puppies.

Yipper: As in... The Pound Puppies?

Rebound: That's right.

Yipper: Wait! You're the Super Secret Pup Club! I thought they could never help me!

Cupcake: Well we did. We can wait for you to meet the Pound Puppies. They're in the car.

Patches: Follow us. (He, Cupcake and Rebound lead Yipper all the way to the car) Lucky! Cookie! Niblet! Squirt! Strudel! Look who's here!

Lucky: (Came out of the car) Hey there, Yipper. Long time.

Yipper: Hi-ya, Lucky.

Lucky: Hey, pups wake up! It's the pup we've just place.

Squirt: (Got out of the car) Oh. Are we there yet? Did we get to the north pole on time?

Strudel: (Got out of the car) Most importantly. Yes. We're here.

Cookie: (Got out of the car) Hey there, Yipper.

Niblet: (Got out of the car) What did we missed?

Yipper: I'm so glad you guys are all here. I need your help. Some snow monster just stranded us out of nowhere down the snowy mountain.

Rebound: What snow monster?

Yipper: I'll tell you about it in the cabin. (Scene fades to black. We cut to the inside of the cabin as Yipper is about to tell the Pound Puppies and the Super Secret Pup Club about the Snow Ghost) One night at the Snowy Mountain a smart guy Mr. Stankmeyer or CJ as I like to call him is with my perfect person Billy. We we're snowboarding down the hill until this Snow Ghost appear and out of nowhere and separated us down the mountain.

Patches: Snow Ghost?

Cupcake: Sounds like another mystery for every pups.

Rebound: Don't you worry, Yipper! We'll catch the Snow Ghost for you. 'Cause you got us. Pound Puppies and Super Secret Pup Club working together to solve any mysteries here at the north pole.

Lucky: Now, pups. Leave this to the grown ups. Now Yipper, about this snow ghost we'll catch it for you. Remember there's a pup for every mystery and a mystery for every pup. Right?

Yipper: I knew you Pound Puppies would help me.

Leonard McLeish: (Watches the Pound Puppies and Super Secret Pup Club by holding the camera. Now to Olaf) Did you hear that, Olaf?

Olaf: There's a Snow Ghost on the loose here in the north pole?

Leonard McLeish: If those dogs think they'll ever catch this Snow Ghost, they'll be in great danger. And then I won't be able to save them. What should I do? Can't stay as dog catcher forever.

Olaf: I dunno, Mr. McLeish. Do something to protect the puppies. Like your brother always said. If you don't place the puppy for every person, you're gonna get fired.

Leonard McLeish: You're right. I must do something.

Agatha: (Came by to the Pound Puppies, Yipper and the Super Secret Pup Club) Oh, Rebound. Being such a good girl huh. I made you some kibble for you and the pups. It's very warm so you might stay inside the cabin. (Puts down three bowls filled with kibble for Patches, Cupcake and Rebound to eat)

Rebound: (Eat the kibble) Oh thank you, Agatha! You know. I think I'll stay. That'll keep us all warm and fuzzy.

Cupcake: I'm with Rebound. I'll stay.

Patches: Yeah I better stay too. Just to be safe for some snow ghost.

Lucky: That's our pups. Okay, Pound Puppies, Ready?

Squirt: We're ready, Boss. We're ready to catch that snow ghost.

Lucky: Then let's... Go dogs go! (We cut to Yipper and the Pound Puppies outside in the snow searching for every clue of the Snow Ghost's trails)

Niblet: Gee, Lucky. How did you know my little sister is staying with Agatha?

Lucky: Because... as a Pound Puppy what Rebound is trying to say is... it's our duty to solve mysteries of ghosts and monsters.

Strudel: According to my calculations, Yipper's perfect person must've landed around here somewhere down the hill of the snowy mountain.

Yipper: I think Billy's over here!

Squirt: What are we waiting for? Let's go help that young boy up.

Cookie: Yeah I agree. But no talking.

Yipper: (Went toward Billy and wakes him up)

Billy: (Got up and stands up) Ow! My head!

Yipper: Billy, are you okay? You've been hurt really bad and I was worried sick.

Billy: Yeah I'm okay, Bob. (Notices that Yipper can talk) Wait. You can talk?

Yipper: That's right. The Snow Ghost must've got us down the hill.

Billy: Uh... Snow Ghost?

Lucky: Yes. It's not safe out here to be all by yourself, kid.

Billy: (Notices that all dogs can talk) You dogs can talk! All of you! Maybe you can help me stop the snow ghost!

Niblet: Way to go, Yipper. Now he knows dogs can talk.

Squirt: Follow us, young boy. We'll take you back to the cabin where it's very safe.

Billy: Sure. (The Pound Puppies and Yipper lead Billy right toward the cabin but suddenly... The Snow Ghost appeared roaring right in front of them)

Niblet: Zoo-inks!

Billy: Snow Ghost!!

Lucky: Ruuuuuuuun!!! (He, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt and Strudel ran toward the right. Billy picked up Yipper and ran to the left as the Snow Ghost chases after them)

Niblet: Please tell me he's after us.

Cookie: Could someone please turn around and see what's going on?

Squirt: No kidding. (Turns around and saw Billy and Yipper fell down once again) Hey! Billy and Yipper are down! We better head back guys! (They do so as they go toward the snow ghost who was about to get it's snowy hands on Yipper and Billy but the Pound Puppies got behind them by protecting them by growling at it. But some person in the shadows saw the Pound Puppies, Yipper and Billy in real trouble as the scene fades to black. Scene fades back to where the Super Secret Pup Club are inside the cabin)

Patches: I wonder what's taking Lucky and the others for so long searching for the clues of the snow ghost.

Cupcake: Boy. I'm getting worried about my cookie mommy.

Rebound: Hey! Maybe if we can just went outside in the snow going after the snow ghost, We'll be able to search for any clues where the Pound Puppies just started.

Patches: You're right, girls. The Pound Puppies needs us. Remember... There's a pup for every mystery and a mystery for every pup. And whoever wants to join us is welcome. So Pup Club members, are you in or in? 'Cause I'm in!

Cupcake: Me too!

Rebound: Me three!

Patches: That's the sprint, girls. Paws in! (He, Cupcake and Rebound do so)

Rebound, Cupcake and Patches: Super Secret Pup Club, go!!! (They ran outside out of the cabin to go find the snow ghost but Agatha saw them running out of the cabin)

Agatha: Huh? Rebound!! Hey!! Come back!! (Went to follow Rebound, Cupcake and Patches on foot)

Patches: (Saw the Snow Ghost chasing after the Pound Puppies) There's the Snow Ghost!

Rebound: My big brother's in big trouble!

Cupcake: Anybody got a plan?

Agatha: (Panting and got caught up with Rebound, Cupcake and Patches)

Rebound: Agatha!

Agatha: Where do you think you and the pups are going in such a hurry?

Rebound: We we're about to catch the snow ghost along with the Pound Puppies.

Agatha: Now you know that will be too dangerous for a pup your age.

Patches: We don't care. The Pound Puppies needs us and we're gonna built a trap for the snow ghost.

Cupcake: What we need is a plan!

Rebound: Let's ask Strudel!

Patches: Good idea. But stay together. (He, Cupcake and Rebound and of course Agatha went down toward the Pound Puppies as they got all tired of running and being chased by a snow ghost. Snow Ghost ran away again as it was seen by another human)

Squirt: We're tired of running. Got any time left for plan B, Luck?

Patches, Cupcake and Rebound: We do.

Cookie: Now you pups what are you doing out of the cabin?

Niblet: And how come Agatha's with you?

Patches: 'Cause we think we know how to get rid of the snow ghost.

Rebound: Strudel, what do we need?

Strudel: Perhaps I could be an assistants. What we need is some dy-no-mite to cause an avalanche. Then in just the right moment we'll unmask the monster to see who he really is.

Rebound: Just like in the other show. "Scooby Doo"!

Lucky: Looks like it's just crazy enough to work. Strudel, call the squirrels to find any dynamite, all of you pups will be the bate, everybody else... Go dogs go! (They do so)

Agatha: I know for a second there I imagined big dogs are talking like other humans do. (Now we cut to the Pound Puppies who set up a dynamite trap all over the snowy mountain as they wait for the single with the Super Secret Pup Club as the bate)

Rebound: Gee, I'm not so sure about this, guys. I mean being bate is not such a good idea.

Patches: Come on, Rebound be brave. Snow Ghost or not? We've been trained as full fledged Pound Puppies.

Cupcake: The monster should be coming right... about... (The Snow Ghost appeared right behind the Super Secret Pup Club) Now.

Snow Ghost: (Roaring)

Rebound: Every puppy run!! (She, Cupcake and Patches snowboarded down the hill of the snowy mountain as the Show Ghost slid down the hill after them causing an avalanche for speed)

Lucky: Here they come! Got the dynamite set?

Strudel: We sure did, Lucky. This is going blow up worse than a bomb of mythbusters! Now, into your positions! (She, Squirt, Cookie, Niblet and Lucky do so as they hold the dynamite as Rebound, Cupcake and Patches snowboarded passed them)

Rebound, Cupcake and Patches: Whoooooooooooooooooooooooa!!!

Snow Ghost: (Roaring as he is coming down the hill of a snowy mountain)

Strudel: NOOOOOOOW!!! (The Pound Puppies presses the dynamite as it exploded right in front of the Snow Ghost making it fly into the air with a lot of snow and drops onto the ground by breaking into many pieces of the monster which is really a robot invention)

Snow Ghost: (Roaring roboticly)

Yipper: (Walk toward the Pound Puppies with Billy) Good work, Pound Puppies! We captured the snow ghost! Just in time!

Billy: You two, Super Secret Pup Club!

Rebound: Thanks!

Lucky: Time to unmask this menace. And see who this snow ghost really is. Shall we? (He unmasked the Snow Ghost revealing a face of... "Mr. Stankmeyer")

Yipper: Mr. Stankmeyer! He's the one invented the snow ghost monster.

Patches: How about that. (We cut back inside the cabin with the Pound Puppies, Super Secret Pup Club, Yipper, Billy, Agatha, Olaf and Leonard McLeish. And CJ got some explaining to do)

Leonard McLeish: You got a lot of explaining to do, Mr. Stankmeyer. What we're you thinking out there? Scaring these mandrill mutts and them young puppies?

CJ: That was my latest invention that was just made by me. And somebody ruined it with an explosion of a dynamite.

Olaf: Uhhh... That's not the point. Would you mind telling the truth of what happened?

CJ: Alright I'll tell you. Back when it was the pilot episode of this show... (Scene flashes back to the first episode "The Yipper Caper" and CJ explained all about it) Some team of shelter 17 who called themselves the Pound Puppies wanted to find a perfect human for this young pup here "Yipper" Also known as Bob while we... me, you Leonard McLeish, Olaf and the Mayor just invented my latest invention that'll feed every dogs in the kennel "the kibble nator 5000" Some how those rodents who are squirrels just malfuncioned it as the kibbles flying around everywhere outside spreading everywhere on the ground and then they place Bob to his perfect human which is Billy as he and his father went on home. (Then the scene flashes back to inside the cabin where CJ explained everything) And that's what happened in shelter 17.

Lucky: Actually, it didn't seem to malfuncion but your invention gone way out of control.

CJ: And I wouldn't got away with it. If it weren't for you and your dogs speaking into words!

Strudel: That's Talking Dogs.

CJ: And those three young puppies!

Rebound: Hey that's us! We're the three young puppies.

Leonard McLeish: I think we better tell my brother in law the mayor about this monstosity! Come on, CJ. (He held CJ's hand as they and Olaf went back outside and into the car as Agatha catches up to them)

Agatha: Wait for your mother, Leonard!

Lucky: Yipper, Congratulations on the first mystery solved.

Yipper: Thanks, Lucky.

Patches: Like they always say.

Lucky, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt, Strudel, Rebound, Cupcake and Patches: Once a Pound Puppy, Always a Pound Puppy!

Rebound: Especially when you were a puppy solving mysteries.

Yipper: Yeah.

Cookie: Let's go back to the pound. (The Pound Puppies and Super Secret Pup Club leave the north pole and went back to shelter 17 on foot as Patches reported a letter of General Dolly by writing it off-screen)

Patches Narrating: Dear, General Dolly, we have first solved the mystery of the snow ghost along with our friend Yipper and his perfect person, Billy all the way to the North Pole. And we hope we had a very good time here in the cabin which is really nice and warm around the fire place. I hope we could study more about ghosts and monsters around the world with other young puppies as well. yours truly, The Super Secret Pup Club.