The D7 (presumably Dog 7) is a seven-member board of high-ranking agents within the Pound Puppies organization that meet annually.

Function Edit Edit

The D7 seems to serve as the organization's Board of Directors. It is made up of only elite Pound Puppy agents, all from different countries. The board meets annually in a "summit," which takes place at a location of the members' choosing. According to Agent Ping, being a member of the D7 comes with huge responsibilities, and can be stressful at times.

Appearances Edit Edit

The D7 was featured heavily in the episode "Mutternal Instincts," where the summit was chosen to be hosted at Shelter 17. 

In addition, many D7 members have been featured in other episodes throughout the series.

Members Edit Edit

These are the current members of the D7. Thus far, only 5 of the 7 members have been identified by name.

  1. Dolly - From the United States. As Top Dog-In-Chief of the Pound Puppies, she probably serves as chairdog of the board.
  2. Agent Ping - From China.
  3. Agent Francois  - From France.
  4. Agent Todd - From Canada.
  5. Bingo - From Britain.
  6. Unidentified agent from Russia - A Borzoi with white fur and light brown fur on the top of his head and in spots on his body. He wears a blue collar on his neck, and a black hat with a gold emblem on the front on his head.
  7. Unidentified agent from Kenya - An African Wild Dog with tan fur and dark-brown fur on his face and in spots on his body. He wears a large multicolored collar or sweater that appears to be homemade. Also wears three small hoop earings on his left ear.