Agent Ping
Agent Ping is the Chinese Pound Puppies' operative.



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Appearance EditEdit

Agent Ping is a female. Though her exact breed is unknown, she appears to be some kind of Japanese spitz. She mainly has Persian orange fur with very light beige on her muzzle, chest which goes to her stomach, on the inside sides of her hind legs, on her paws that end in a wave, and on the edges of her tail. She also has dark orange on her eyelids, eyebrows, eyelashes, and inside of her ear. Her ears point up, and she has a long snout with a black nose. She has a short tail that curves inward and on the edges it has a very light beige and has curved spikes. She and her fellow Chinese operatives, unlike regular Pound Puppies, have a golden Chinese house dog tag on her red collar.

Personality EditEdit

Agent Ping has a huge tendency to be snotty and condescending towards others, especially lower-ranking agents. She is almost always argumentative, ill-tempered, and impolite. In "Hail to the Chief," Ping reveals to LuckyNiblet, and Strudel that the reason she behaves the way she does is because she often feels stressed-out due to her large responsibilities as part of the D7.

Appearances EditEdit

Agent Ping first appeared in "Homeward Pound", where she tried to help the Shelter 17 Pound Puppies find Squirt and Niblet.

She next appeared in "Mutternal Instincts", where she attends the summit with her fellow high-ranking Pound Puppies operatives.

Her most recent appearance was in "Hail to the Chief", in which she attended Strudel's "WOOF" award ceremony. However, after Niblet and a pup named Chief disrupted the ceremony, Ping had doubts that Strudel deserved the honor, and tasked her with finding Chief's perfect people (who turned out to the president's daughters). Ping herself joined the pups on their mission.

In "The Pupple's Court," Agent Ping was part of the tribunal judging Lucky.

Trivia EditEdit

  • Agent Ping appears to be a Japanese breed of dog. Despite this, she is based in China.
  • It is shown in "Mutternal Instincts" that she only drinks her water from a clay bowl.